Winners - 2015
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The 2014-15 Winning Drummers

Justin Miles Ellison – Won the October 2014 vote: An incredible start

A native of Montgomery, Alabama, he began playing at the age of four. As time progressed, Justin became one of the drummers for his fathers church. He is currently a member of the band, “Souled Out,” as well as his own band, “Retrospect”.

Justin has been featured on several projects for Hendrix Drums, Springwood Productions and has accompanied a wide variety of artists including: Isley Brothers, Chaka Kahn, Beverly Crawford, Zicardi Cortez,etc. Justin is seeking to continue his international journey using his craft of being a drummer.

Riccardo Preda – November 2014 Winner: Technique and feel = success

Riccardo started playing the drums at the age of 13. Guided by Sergio Pescara first and then Tony Arco, he started exploring different musical styles, moving from rock to jazz, from latin music to funk and reggae, on a journey which continues still today.

Riccardo currently plays with the Progressive band VIII Strada and the Folk one SESTOMARELLI, preparing the second studio album for both. In November 2012 he won the “Tour Music Fest” contest as Best Drummer.

Rodrigo Alves – December 2014: Finished the year in style

Rodrigo is a Portuguese drummer based in Oslo, Norway. He started playing at the age of 19 and developed under the tuition of his greatest influence, Emanuel Ramalho. He has been performing live since 2000 and has seen his drumming talent take him around the world. One remarkable highlight of his live prowess was captured on a live DVD filmed at the iconic festival Rock in Rio. He features on multiple albums and EP’s and has a huge online following thanks to his drum performance videos taking YouTube, Facebook and Drum-Talk-TV by storm (Including the one that stormed to victory at DrumOff.TV!)

Sebastian Böhm – January 2015: Off to a good start.

Sebastian, born in Germany, started playing the drums at the age of 14. Since finding his passion for music he has been involved in different bands and ensembles of all kinds of genres from Jazz to Metal. His inspiration comes from many different drummers, such as Thomas Lang, Mike Portnoy and Benny Greb. Simply every musician he’s heard and met has formed his musical way of thinking and his abilities in some way.
Currently he is composing music for media and always searching for nice, interesting and inspiring people to work with.

Richie Dittrich – February 2015: Youngster leads the way.

Richie started drumming at the age of 8. His uncle got him started with some simple rudiments before taking a few private lessons. However, his development has been self taught for 9 years now! At age 11 he entered “Irelands Youngest Drumming Sensation” and became one of the televised finalists before winning “Our Schools Got Talent”, drumming as part of a 52 piece big band.

He’s currently jamming around with with various musicians playing funk, blues, and anything that grooves! He’s also recently started a small drum and bass series named “Play That Funky Music” with a very good a bassist and friend

Gianluca Mancini – March 2015: A jazz masterclass

Italian independent artist and educator that started to play drums at the age of 12. Gianluca is a jazz drummer with a solid background in various music styles that include pop, r&b, funk, hip-pop and rock. He has a degree in Musicology from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and he has served as a jazz teacher at the drums faculty of “University Of Music” in Rome during the years 2006-2008. He later received a special diploma at the same school and he’s now teaching in various music schools.

Gianluca won the FIRTS award in the groups category at the first edition of “Roma Jam Session” (2008), a competition dedicated to young Italian jazz talents. He collaborated with superstar EMINEM during the MTV European Music Awards in 2004 and has worked with some of the most important Italian and international jazz musician in a variety of clubs, festivals and recording sessions.

Ricardo Cortez – April 2015: From the rooftop of Mexico City.

Ricardo started out on the drums at the age of 8 and was schooled by some of the finest teachers across North, Central and South America. The diversity of Ricardo’s education is reflected in the diversity of musical styles he feels at home playing. Ricardo completed his first national tour back in 2001 and has since traveled the globe showcasing his incredible talent. He currently tours with Mon Laferte and Juan Solo. With Juan Solo he is also the music director.

Pasquale Renna – May 2015: Jazz number strikes a chord

Pasquale started playing piano and drums at the age of 8 and after a few years as a self-taught musician he began taking drum and percussion lessons with the Neapolitan drum masters Sergio Di Natale, Umberto Guarino and Renato Gaudiello (jazz harmony). Promoting drum education himself, he now teaches drums at CFM Sonoria and manages Graduation Courses in Modern Music.
Pasquale has always maintained a rigorous schedule of recording and performance. This includes playing with the Amandla session band, teaming up with many fabulous Italian and french artists: Naif Herin, Renzo Rubino, Iskra Menarini (Lucio Dalla), Marialuisa De Prisco (Sanremo Giovani 2014), Artanis Big Band, Gazosa. He also plays with Ephimera, an Italian rock band, for which has recorded the drum tracks of their first album “Ora o mai più”.
He takes inspiration from many drummers: Steve Gadd, John Bonham, Ellade Bandini, and notably, Mario Renna, that’s.. his father!

Wes Watkins – June 2015:

Paride D’Ambrosio – July 2015:

Paride, born in Italy, started to play the drums at the age of 14. He began to taking lessons from the CFM Sonoria music school, where he learnt different music styles. He takes inspiration from many drummers including Mike Portnoy, Benny Greb, Thomas Lang, and Gary Chaffee. He played with many different bands of various styles, such as hard rock, indie rock, metal, pop and funk. He has an original music band with his brother Danilo D’ambrosio: the “Rise Away” (an alternative metal project that takes inspiration from the Alter Bridge.) He has recorded the first EP called “Wings of freedom” and the video for the single “Adrenaline”.

Jacobi Gunter – August 2015:

Mark Macsporran – September 2015: